We are proud to receive praise from dental offices as well as from patients themselves.
On April 9, 2007 Dr. Roger Hacking wrote: What I appreciate most from Peter and his gang at Dentacraft is the consistent high quality of their work. It makes my life a lot easier.
On Mar 29, 2007 Dr. Jack Lehrer wrote: I have been using Dentacraft for the past two years. Peter and his team are the best laboratory I have used in my 34 years of practice.
On Mar 27, 2007 Dr. Auther Galwin (DDS) wrote: Peter does not hesitate to assist for that special case by coming into the doctor's office, whether it's for a particular colour match or a last minute adjustment where time is of the essence. Dentacraft strives for excellence.
On Mar 6, 2007 Anonymous wrote: Dentacraft has proven to be a progressive and reliable lab, that is in tune with current, restorative techniques to suit any mode of dental practice.
On Feb 1, 2007 Michele wrote: Thank you!...you recommended veneers on my two upper front teeth and that they would look and blend in better with my new bridge....It has helped me achieve a much nicer and brighter smile! Now all my upper teeth are uniformly white and not two-toned as before. It has given me more confidence!!
Thank you!