Lava™ (Zirconia Substrate All Ceramic Crowns)

With twice the flexural strength of the Alumina Zirconia is ideal for clinical situations that require an all-ceramic restoration with the maximum strength available. This generation of Zirconia Lava utilizes superior CAD/CAM die scanning and milling procedures (never available before) which yield exceptional end-results. Lava

  • Opacity specific core can mask dark dentine
  • Metal-free and precision fit (10-20 microns)
  • Reduced opposing wear
  • Natural translucency and biocompatibility
  • Enhanced aesthetics and strength (1300 mpa compressive strength!)
  • Only Zr system to employ six different core shades
  • Optical white light triangulation for super accurate scanning


  • Single full-coverage restorations mostly in posteriors, however can be used in anteriors as well
  • Multiple unit bridges up to 80mm span


  • Traditional cementation or adhesive bonding

Coming soon, pressed ceramic over Lava™ substrate!!
3M ESPE Lava