Of the many benefits offered at Dentacraft diagnostic
wax-ups are one of the services we routinely recommend before a smile is cosmetically enhanced. This helps eliminate most of the guesswork in the patients’ final results and is widely used in the treatment presentation to increase patient case acceptance and satisfaction. They are an indispensable patient communication tool and more importantly to be used as the template for the final restoration.

It is a tool that is paramount in smile redesign ... Let's use it!


  • Diagnose change to incisal edge position
  • Diagnose change in tooth shape
  • Determine tooth shade
  • Close diastemas
  • Change crowding
  • Change gingival levels
  • Alter midline
  • Address canting issues
  • Address proportions (golden)
  • Address black gingival triangles (embrasures)
  • Provide consistent, predetermined results
  • Excellent patient selling tool