Welcome to Dentacraft Dental Studio. We are a small high-end dental laboratory and cater to like-minded dental professionals who wish to provide dentistry of an uncommon level of quality and naturalness
for enhanced patient satisfaction. Natural looking dental restoration is our passion.

We strive for excellence in aesthetics, function and fit. Our expertise, material choice and artistry enable us to deliver beautiful results for you, and your valued patients. We invite you to visit each section of our
website to discover how we can help you provide dramatic, life changing results for your practice today!

Message from Peter Jakubek - RDT
My philosophy is to provide individuality and excellence in product experience, strength in relationships with clients and an extraordinary lab experience for those who visit. My view is that there is 'no compromise' in what we produce and in what our clients get. We strive to provide the best restorations that modern dental materials can provide. See us for your new smile today.

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