– The best porcelain bonding system available.
A unit-dose porcelain bonding system that gets it right the first time... every time. If you're like most of us, you've experienced frustrating and expensive porcelain bond failures. The reason - your primer simply is not effective. The problem with most porcelain bonding systems is that their chemistry and packaging is not optimized for the demands of real-world storage. Silane porcelain primers are very reactive - they quickly degrade upon exposure to air and light. Since your current system probably comes in a dropper bottle or plastic syringe, the primer is constantly exposed to air and light, degrading from the date packaged. This leads to all too familiar delaminated restorations, failed bonds or leaking brown-stained margins.

What's the answer?

The Sultan Versa-Link System. Our common-sense system delivers easy-to-handle etching gel and fully-active and ready-to use silane porcelain primer in hermetically sealed glass ampules that are flushed with an inert gas prior to sealing. No other system can keep the silane primer pure and fresh for 2 full years.Clinically, this means one thing.
Our porcelain bonding system bonds better than the system you're using now. No more de-laminated restorations or debonded repairs. No more unnecessary remakes. No more frustrations. One-dose, hermetically-sealed ampule keeps primer pure and stable virtually eliminating unbonded and delaminated restorations.

  • Bonds new restorations, repairs failed or damaged restorations
  • System includes primer, transfer pipette and microbrush
  • Available with or without etching gel
Superior chemistry and intelligent packaging give you world-class clinical results and predictability. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you complete protection. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it for a full refund.